HR Products

Are you struggling with HR Management?

We know your employees are your biggest asset, your biggest expense and potentially your biggest liability if you are not compliant. So we have developed solutions to help you achieve HR best practices.

Time and Attendance


Cloud-based timekeeping for any size organization



Don't struggle with managing employee schedules anymore.

Employee Training

Over 250 training courses that ensure compliance

HR Hotline

Certified HR professionals answer questions, render advice and provide supporting documents.

HR Comply

24/7 self service HR library providing tools, templates and information to help with HR tasks.

Handbook Builder

State and federal handbook tool.
Clearly state your
company's expectations.

Employment Screenings

Save your company thousands of dollars by helping prevent a bad hire.

OSHA Store

Examine your workplace conditions to make sure they conform to applicable OSHA standard.

Labor Posters

Includes postings provided by both State and Federal Government agencies.

Overworked employee listening to his exigent leader

Don't struggle

Our services and features will take the guess work out of your HR tasks.  Our goal is to have you save time, cultivate the employer - employee relationship and be compliant. In the HR arena; regulations, mandates and employment management processes are ever changing. It is crucial to obtain accurate up to date information to be compliant. We can give you access to everything HR!

Our Implementation and Support teams have a 5 start rating!  Getting started is quick and seamless. You will be in great hands with us!

Take the frustration out of HR Management