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Our Workforce Hub Advanced offers
- advanced timekeeping, scheduling, time off management, updated manager tools, multiple clocking options
Our Workforce Hub Plus offers -
- everything in Advanced PLUS these additional features Hiring / Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, HR Management and Storage.

Other Workforce Hub Advance and Workforce Hub Plus highlights ....
1.  Delivers the latest in cloud-based time card services.
2.  Tracks and manages punches, time cards, time-off requests and accruals.
3.  Seamlessly integrates with payroll services.
4.  Eliminates duplicate and missed punches, while tracking meals and breaks
5.  Offers a clock lock-out feature
6.  Prevents early punches with schedule enforcement
7.  Flexible configuration
8.  Customized pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements and accrual application
9.  Employee Self-service and Mobile Application
10.Employee portal for time-off requests, time card approvals, review of schedules and PTO balances
11.Insight and tools for absence and overtime management, leave planning, and compliance.

One service provides you with everything needed for interactive and automated workforce management.

Timekeeping is a cost of doing business for organizations that pay employees by the hour. It is how they calculate accurate gross wages for employees.  Adding advanced scheduling and analytics makes it possible to predict and affect the future of your business. Engaging your employees creates a positve work experience, efficiency, and increases company morale. With Workforce Management, you control labor costs, gain insight into labor management, improve compliance, and it helps you invest in your employees' future.

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Labors laws at the federal, state and local level require meticulous workforce management to avoid legal consequences.  68% of US employees in private industry have access to paid sick leave, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 35% of part-time workers also have this access. https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/ebs2.pdf

Companies that provide sick leave as a voluntary or mandated benefit must:

  • Track details such as eligibility, earned hours, hours available and sick leave taken
  • Prove compliance with all applicable laws on demand.  Having our system in place will ensure you are handling your state's sick leave requirements according to the law.

    Our system has the capability to accurately track any sick time requirements and provide compliance in all other areas of time tracking.

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